Lumidesk Software

Lumidesk is an innovative new PC-based DMX control software created for users that want a simple and straightforward way to get their fixtures programmed and running quickly and efficiently. While still maintaining full DMX functionality, Lumidesk has managed to emerge as one of the most inexpensive DMX control solutions available on the market; and the intuitive windows-style programming with such features as drag-and-drop fixture patching, automated effect generators, and a 3D visualizer that can send fixture layout to the user's fixture icon screen with one click, make Lumidesk also one of the fastest. In addition, control of nearly any function from an external MIDI or DMX controller is made possible through an easy-to-use tool which detects MIDI/DMX events and instantly maps them to the desired function.

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Software features

Patch your fixtures

Set up your controller quickly and easily, just drag your light fixtures from the scanlibrary into the patch window and click "patch".

3D visualizer

Full featured visualizer allows you to see your own virtual lightshow; program without even turning on your lights!

Import fixture positions

Import the positions of your light fixtures from the 3D visualizer for simple fixture selection.

Program your fixtures with the preset manager

Simply select the fixture(s) you want to program, then click the parameters you want using the powerful preset manager.

Intuitive visual interface

Cue programming with Lumidesk's intuitive visual interface.

Generate automatic and personalized effects!

Use the effect generator for advanced programming of color, motion, and other types of sequences. 

Real-time Fixture control

Make changes to a live show in real-time easily with the Live Desktop - just click the fixture, then click the parameter you want to set.

Stand-alone mode

Easily download your scenes, sequences, and cues into the interface memory for stand-alone operation.